Wedding Planning


Utilizing video and social media for your wedding is a great idea, but why now and what are the advantages?

If you are already using social media, then you have taken a step in the right direction.
Social media and wedding videos have now been consistently present in the wedding industry for some time. Its clear from using facebook, instagram, youtube etc, that most brides and recording the run up to their wedding, the event, reception and of course the honey moon across all social networks.

Using social networks can also play a big part in the set up of your wedding. A bride can now get a great deal of inspiration for her wedding get help and advice from friends and even invite family and friends from around the world with the use of skype and facebook.
New services such as Pinterest offer a multitude of inspiration across all areas of a wedding, from dresses, flowers, center pieces to holiday locations.

A new bride to be can also use pinterest as an online scrapbook, collecting ideas from across the web, organizing images, photos and thoughts and sharing these with her friends, all while receiving feedback and suggestions.

The wedding dress,,, one of the most traumatic and difficult decisions for the big day, so why not get some encouragement and support. Brides to be are now messaging images, posting some online privately for friends and even uploading videos to sites like youtube. It’s a really comforting way to get support and confidence in your choice about the all-important dress.

As mentioned, skype can be used to contact friends and family all over the world to invite them to the big day, however, what if they cannot make it?
Then skype can also provide a live feed of the wedding and ceremony to the other side of the world. Allowing close friends or relatives to share your big day with you.

Smart phones also offer a range of apps all designed specifically to help you plan and organize your wedding. You can see views top ten here.

And then when its all over, and back from your honeymoon, don’t forget to upload the honeymoon photos, but more importantly, change that relationship status to “married”